What makes Compass Sterling unique is the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship. 

Founded on the timeless principals of commitment to clients and financial responsibility, Compass Sterling will empower your healthcare business. The core service we provide is direction. Ask yourself, what is keeping your operations from leading the pack? You know you have the pieces, but do you have the ability to see the big picture? Our consultants and the relationships we've built in the industry are the missing piece to your short and long term goals.

Focusing on firms at all levels gives us unique insights and skills that only specialized industry consultants can provide. We are your guide to the landscape outside "the box" and empower you to take your business to the next level. We thrive on bringing success by streamlining operations and increasing revenues.

By working together, our clients average ROI in consulting services exceeds 300 percent. This commitment to quality and value is what has guided us to be industry leaders, and we are pleased to now also bring our expertise to you through our network of diverse, experienced consultants. 
Our Consultants
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Compass Sterling began as a select group of sales, marketing and client services consultants specialized in the healthcare technology industry. Our national network of specialists give us diverse industry experience in small and large organizations. Now, through the experience of our consultant network, we are able to bring the benefit of our relationships to your healthcare firm.

Need a sales or marketing strategy? Need to develop a plan to better engage your clients to increase revenue? Or perhaps you feel the issue is employee relations? We can pair you with one of our senior level consultants to design a path to achieve your business goals. 

Do you need someone to handle social media or to execute other marketing or sales work? Or perhaps someone to touch base with your clients and ensure you are meeting their expectations? We have marketing, sales and client services coordinators to provide you with the manpower to execute these tasks without the need to hire an FTE. 

What about sales assistance? We have commission-only and monthly FTE staff to assist.

You can't afford to ignore your sales, marketing or client services initiatives. Let Compass Sterling provide a cost-effective means to achieve your business goals.